Inchcape Approved & Finance Insurance

Inchcape reliable quality

Over 150-points Professional Vehicle Inspection

All Approved vehicles has to complete a series of stringent and details inspection and assessment by professional mechanic. Our vehicle inspection will cover down to minimal details such as interior light bulb, seatbelt and child lock function and up to major parts like engine performance and safety systems

Serviced In Advance

To ensure new owner can enjoy worry free experiences with our used car. All Approved vehicles will be serviced in advance and replace necessary parts such as engine oil, engine oil filter, air filter, A/C filter, wiper rubber and brake pad to ensure vehicle is in good condition and safety to drive

Genuine Parts

All Approved vehicles reconditioned with genuine parts to ensure the vehicle safety and quality

360 All-round Protection

A/C Cleaning Service and GERMAGIC Cabin Coating apply for all Approved used car prior delivery, effective in inactivating and eliminating COVID-19, over 100 different viruses and bacteria >99.9%. To ensure the driver and passengers can enjoy a safe and comfort journey


  • Warranty on major components and A/C system for 12 months or up to 20,000 km (whichever comes first)
  • Free 2 times Standard Maintenance Service Check-up with engine oil & engine oil filter replacement within 12 months

Car Insurance & Finance

Car Insurance

  • Factory Service & Genuine Parts for replacement of damaged parts
  • Authorization within 24 Hours
  • Alternative Vehicle
  • 24-Hour Service Hotline offering roadside assistance

Car Finance

  • One-stop service to handle license renewal and vehicle application process
  • Flexible Finance Program to suit different needs
  • Preferential Interest Rate
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